The postgraduate program is addressed to graduates of Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Automation Engineering, Production Engineering and graduates from other relevant areas, both young people and production executives. It aims to provide them with knowledge on modern technologies and approaches to automation and promotion of innovation in production and other processes, related to scientific areas of power systems, hardware and software, covering the whole range of modern applications, utilizing modern design tools.
The taught modules of the postgraduate program are focused on the technologies of distributed micro-production of conventional and renewable energy resources (RES), their integration into networks and micro-networks with intelligent control, as well as the management and optimization of such networks with modern design tools.
Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to:
• Have the knowledge and be able to understand smart grid & micro-grid technologies (RES), distributed production, demand management, modelling and optimization of such systems,
• Apply this knowledge to solve modern world problems by promoting technological research in Greece and internationally
• Combine their knowledge to effectively manage and address problems related to the above technologies
• Communicate clearly and purposely their findings and knowledge both to specialized or non-specialized audience
• Continue their studies at a higher level (e.g a PhD).