Special Ticket Card

The students of the Universities (HEI) and A.E.A. of Greece will receive the special ticket (PASO), upon an electronic request. Information and instructions can be found on the website of Electronic Ticketing Service for obtaining Special Ticket cards..

The electronic ticket service is provided by the Ministry of Education and the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), with the technical support of the National Network for Research and Technology (GRNET).

In order for an online PASO application to be submitted by a student, access codes – username and password – are needed. These are provided for the registered students from their department and are used for the electronic services of the Institution.

Student care

Student Feeding: The ability of issuing a 15 or 30 day meal card for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 2,20€ per day or a reduced price single meal option (2,20 €) as members of the TEI community.

Student Accommodation: There is one (1) accommodation option at the University’s campus, approved by the TEI council, for the specific Interdepartmental postgraduate program. The supporting documents for applying for accommodation are:

  1. Application form filled in by candidates for student accommodation (form of a responsible declaration and is given by the department).
  2. Certificate of marital status.
  3. A photocopy of the most recent income tax statement (if it has not been received yet, the photocopy of the previous year’s statement) shall be provided by the interested party, in both cases the originals must be displayed.
  4. Certification in case there is a brother-sister student at ΗΕΙ-TEI.
  5. Two (2) photos (police ID type).
  6. Certification from a public hospital if there is a serious health problem of the student or a member of his / her family (disability above 67%).
  7. Photocopy of a police ID.
  8. Certification from the OAED if parents are unemployed in the last six months from the filing of the supporting documents and the duration of unemployment is not less than 3 months.
  9. Certification from the military service office if there is a brother servicing.
  10. Divorce statement for divorced parents.

Qualification criteria are based on family income, marital status and place of permanent residence, according to the tables on this website.

Medical care

A Medical care, Dental care and Hospital coverage student’s book may be issued by the Department of Physical & Social Welfare (infirmary) of the TEI, to program students.

All students without medical insurance, (students that are NOT covered by their parents’ insurance institution), have the right to have a student health booklet.

Also students who are insured in other institutions institution (eg IKA, TSMEDE, TEVE, OGA, NAT, etc), have the right to receive a student’s insurance, given that they have requested to terminate their previous insurance.

The required supporting documents for the issue of the student’s book are:

  1. Certificate of remission by the insurance institution.
  2. Solemn Declaration of Law 1599/1986
  3. Two photos
  4. Statement of student status from the department
  5. ID or passport photocopy
  6. Open a bank account with the Piraeus Bank (Agricultural Bank) and a photocopy of the first page of the booklet showing the account number.